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Nestled amidst the heart of our hotel and overlooking the majestic Fori Imperiali, the beautiful terrace is a serene retreat.

Here, is it possible to savor a refreshing drink, indulge in a delightful cup of coffee, relish a quick yet satisfying lunch, or immerse in a delightful dinner, all while unwinding amidst lush greenery.


An intimate and elegant meeting room, designed in a classic boardroom style. This space offers a refined setting perfect for hosting small events or private dinners.

The room exudes sophistication with its tasteful decor and ambiance, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for productive meetings or personal gatherings. The setup is ideal for discussions, presentations, or even a relaxed and cozy social dining event.

Dog friendly

At Palazzo Velabro, we joyfully welcome your furry friend!
Your faithful dog will be treated with care and receive a special kit to make his stay comfortable and pleasant, so you can enjoy your vacation without worries.